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Worldlynx Holiday Gift Guide: Samsung Gear VR!

Posted under: Cell Phone Deals, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Gear VR, Virtual Reality

wlx_gear-vr-dec-2016-smMany of us will remember growing up and the thrill of heading to the arcade for a chance to step into one of those gigantic virtual reality pods. The 2 or 3-minute stint in the enclosed space, with a huge device strapped to your head, was fun while it lasted. Virtual reality has come a long way since these days. Now we can enjoy a virtual environment from the comfort of our own homes, and the Samsung Gear VR is one of the newest, and best, devices available.

Updated and modernized virtual reality devices have (taken the tech world by storm. Google Cardboard, launched a few years ago, gave users the ability to dive into the virtual reality world at a price that didn’t break the bank, although a rather simple one. Since then, Samsung has joined the game with the Samsung Gear VR, a much more prolific version with no cardboard in sight.

The Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality headset which converts your Galaxy smartphone into a mobile virtual reality headset. Each of the games and apps on offer transports you to a 3D landscape, giving you the ability to explore your surroundings by tilting and shaking your head, or totally spinning around. Best of all, it’s completely wireless – no wired connections required.

Not only are there a ton of games and apps available, the Gear VR turns your device into a personal theatre. Connect to Netflix and you’re instantly plunked into a virtual living room where you can watch the latest shows or movies on a virtual big screen TV.

The overall design is worth noting too. Sure, as with all current VR offerings, there isn’t exactly a way to get around the large headset that can be somewhat embarrassing to use on a park bench – but of course the movements you’ll make while viewing may cause others to chuckle more than what you’ve got on your head. That being said, the Gear VR is created for comfort, weighing in at only 318 grams (without the phone) and with a larger touchpad to make controlling easy.

Once again, the Gear VR is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices. If you already have a Galaxy in your pocket, reaching the stars with the Gear VR is easy. And if you need a new Samsung Galaxy device we can help you with that!

From December 9 to 11 choose a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge on select plans and as thanks Worldlynx will give you a Samsung Gear VR at no extra charge. Visit a local Worldlynx today: