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Time to Energize: Tips to Boost Android Battery Life

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Android Battery Life smWe’ve all been there: waiting for the bus, in the middle of a run, on the road using GPS, and your battery dies. It never seems to happen when you’re at home and able to recharge at a moment’s notice. Instead, it happens when we most need or want to use the device. This is a common complaint amongst smartphone users – no matter the brand. As the power and capability behind our devices increases, the length the battery lasts seems to decrease. This week, to give you a little added boost, we talk tips to improve Android battery life.

One of the advantages most Android phones have over the iPhone is that the battery is user-replaceable, meaning you can carry a spare with you. However, if you don’t have a spare, or it isn’t charged, here are some tips to help you last through the day.

  1. Turn off those unused communication functions: including WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and – the major battery killer – GPS. Just be sure to turn them back on when appropriate (i.e. WiFi).
  2. Think about how you can use Airplane Mode when you won’t need your phone for a period of time – a meeting, for example.
  3. Take advantage of Power Saving Mode on your Samsung. Power Saving Mode is a feature which controls CPU and screen power to help improve battery life.
  4. Decrease the brightness of your display.
  5. Review your apps. Some apps use more power than others, especially in the background. Go through them, deleting any you no longer use or changing the settings on those you do to restrict when functions are carried out.
  6. Check your accounts. Most smartphones give you the ability to choose whether your emails come through automatically or manually. You can save battery life by having your email or other accounts poll for new messages/data less frequently.
  7. Watch your own usage. This is common sense – the more multimedia you consume, the more battery life you consume – it’s a no-brainer.
  8. Get a battery saving app. There are a ton available out there. We really like Battery Saver 2016.

Your Android is a powerful device that lets you do a whole host of things from pretty much anywhere – that is, as long as your battery holds up. Use these Android battery life saving tips to help ensure that it does.

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