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Summer Travel: Long Distance Plans and Other Tools That Will Actually Save You Money

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long distance plansSummer break is coming, and for many of you that means that some travel is also in the future. For many, the summer is the perfect time to get away from it all and spend some time with the fam. Just wait – before you splurge or break the bank this year, we’ve got some long distance plans and other tips and tricks to help save you some money!

Roaming plan. Before you cross the border or power up your phone after getting off that plane, make sure that you call your provider and set up a roaming plan for the duration of your trip. Roaming charges can rack up quickly, and can lead to an unexpectedly high bill once that trip is over. Also check out the long distance plans for talk or data that are available.

Booking a flight? There are a number of popular travel apps available (Expedia, Travelocity, HostelWorld, or Kayak, just to name a few). Simply enter your destination and dates, and the app gives you the options and bundles that can save you major bucks.

Road-tripping it? Make sure you have a great GSP app downloaded and don’t waste time with wrong turns – Google Maps is one of our faves. Enter a start and end location and Google Maps not only gives you the best route and estimated arrival time, it makes finding the local attractions easy too.

Apps like Urban Spoon are also useful on the road, making finding great food easy, no matter what you are craving. And the best part of this when it comes to budgeting, the app lets you know what price range the restaurant falls into! Bonus.

Want to track your spending as you go? Get a budget tracking app and help stay on point without over-spending. There are tons of free apps that even let you take photos of receipts and categorize them for you!

Keep kids entertained for free by using your Pinterest app and searching for fun car games. A trivia app can also keep the gang quiet or focussed on something other than the drive for long periods of time.

Whether you are traveling over the border or overseas, keeping within your budget doesn’t need to be difficult. Actually enjoy the break without worrying about the cost.

When it comes to summer travel, long distance plans and other budgeting methods are crucial in order to keep costs low. For more about these tips and more visit a Worldlynx location today