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Our Picks: The Best Shows on Netflix

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Best Shows on Netflix smEver since it burst onto the Canadian screen back in 2010, Netflix has taken our streaming television world by storm. As of April 2016, Netflix reported over 81 million subscribers worldwide – and Canadians are no stranger to this affordable viewing platform. From critically acclaimed movies, to documentaries, to brand new series to old favourites, Netflix has something for everyone.

There are a ton of great TV shows on Netflix, so it is tough to build even a short list of our favourites. That being said, we’ve powered though the battle and created, what we believe to be, a list of the best shows on Netflix. You’re welcome.

  1. Breaking Bad. Yes, this is Netflix’s #1 ranked show, but we have a hard time disagreeing. Think science, on meth – see what we did there?
  2. House of Cards. Politics reign supreme here, so that means lots of manipulation, scheming and power-hungry people.
  3. If family drama in the Florida Everglades sounds like your thing, the suspenseful twists and turns will have you binging before you know it.
  4. Friday Night Lights. Texas football. Family. Coaching a team built from the ground up.
  5. Orange is the New Black. Women in prison and all this entails. Let the laughs begin!

Honourable Mention. Yes, we said it was difficult, and we’d be remiss to leave that short list above, so we’ve capitulated and provided a few more of our favourites.

  • Comedy: Arrested Development. Fans were disappointed when the show was originally cancelled so it’s no surprise that when Netflix picked it back up, the people rejoiced.
  • Sci-Fi: The Walking Dead. Zombies, zombies, more zombies. If you’ve not at least heard of this show, we think it is safe to assume you’ve built a cozy home under that rock.
  • Drama: The Killing. A suspense-filled crime drama, this series sees detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder dealing with some dark deeds – edge of your seat, we promise.
  • Reality: Chelsea Does – Comedian Chelsea Handler tackling some of life’s most controversial and talked-about topics – need we say more?

Great, now you know what to watch – but where are you watching it. No matter where you are, The Netflix mobile app is a great way to get your television fix on your smartphone or tablet! Download it today to check out these or some of the other thousands on offer.

Have we missed on you can’t believe didn’t make it on the list? Chime in:

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