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Worldlynx Holiday Gift Guide: Tablets!

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The holidays are quickly approaching and that means one thing is for certain – gift giving! Not knowing what to gift your family and friends can make the joyful holiday season a stressful one. Lucky for you, Worldlynx can make your holiday shopping a breeze with a gift anyone from toddlers to adults will enjoy! So what is it? A shiny new tablet! See why tablets are one of the best gifts you could give someone this year:


  1. Great For Any Age! For children, a tablet is perfect to keep them entertained for those long dreaded car rides. With millions of apps available to download, your children will not only be entertained for hours but a tablet can also be used as a fun educational tool. One thing children and adults will both enjoy is the ability to watch hours of video, movies, YouTube, and Netflix! For adults, tablets are perfect for surfing the web, watching videos and finishing work.
  2. Not Just For Leisure – Tablets are an excellent and powerful tool to help finish work related projects at times when a desktop or laptop are not appropriate. Tablets are small in size but pack a technological punch. Have access to calendars, emails, notes, spreadsheets, and documents. Use apps for office tasks, video conferencing, planning, budgeting, presentations, time-management and more. These apps are designed to help you become more productive at home and work!
  3. Perfect E-Readers – With e-books becoming extremely popular in recent years, tablets can easily be used to read your favourite books digitally. These books are often cheaper than paperback but are also more convenient; use your tablet to purchase books from your own home. With large screens, crisp colour and vivid display, tablets are a perfect device to enjoy your favourite reads!
  4. Battery Life – Even though the battery on laptops is improving, tablets will still run much longer without needing a charge. This gives you, or your kids much more time to do the things you enjoy.
  5. Affordable – When first hitting the market, tablets were seen more as a luxury and not an amenity. With so many options out on the market, tablets are being sold at very reasonable prices. For the amount of power, technology, and uses a tablet can be used for, they truly are worth every penny!


Tablets are now topping everyone’s list when it comes to must-have tech devices. With smarter operating systems, millions of apps, and fast networks, they are quickly evolving from a luxury item into an essential device needed in every home. At Worldlynx, we sell the best tablets from your favourite brands!

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