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#1 Funded Kickstarter Campaign – The Pebble Watch

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Pebble Watch smMost of us have heard about Kickstarter, the website whose mission is to ‘help bring creative projects to life’. Since launching in 2009, the site has given 11 million people the opportunity to back a project they believe in, leading to $2.4 billion being pledged and 107,732 projects successfully being funded. One of our favourites – and the project which has received the most funding to date – is the Pebble watch.

Palo Alto, California-based smartwatch maker Pebble started out on Kickstarter in 2012 with a record-breaking campaign funded by 68,929 backers. It has since reclaimed the throne again with the Pebble Time watch which is not only the most funded Kickstarter campaign in the platform’s history, but also the fastest funded, raising $1 million in less than an hour. You can read more about the awesome results here:

What is the Pebble Time watch? It is a smartwatch which connects to both Android and iOS phones, making receiving notifications from the phone, controlling music, viewing calendar events, and creating reminders easy.

The first edition Pebble watch is pretty basic – it buzzes to let you know you’ve received a message, will display the first few lines of an incoming email, and will let you know when you’re receiving a phone call.

How is it different from the Apple Watch or other Android smartwatches? The main difference from competing watches is the Pebble Classic’s fully functional, always-on e-paper displays that allows the Pebble to have an impressive water resistance and a 7- to 10-day battery life, depending on the version. This extended battery life is due to the fact that the e-paper technology inhibits the displaying of pictures.

The latest device, funded by the Kickstarter campaign in 2015, the Pebble Time, is a bit more refined that its predecessors. It does all the same things, but it also comes with a colour e-paper display, microphone, and updated design. These upgrades do impact battery life – you get up to 2 days with the latest version, compared to the Classic’s 7-10 days – but you are also getting a very different design with full colour and extra features.

However, none of the Pebble versions offer touchscreen capabilities. You need to use the side-mounted buttons to navigate the device. If you plan on using it a great deal, this is an important consideration.

The Pebble smartwatches are a great intro to the smartwatch world. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that let’s you do many of the same things an Apple or Android smartwatch does, at a lower price tag, it is probably perfect. You can actually get a much more in depth review of the Pebble Time vs. the Apple Watch from Trusted Reviews right here:

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